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Heat consumption billing

Objective: to meter and bill heat consumption by apartments and commercial premises according to customer needs.

What we do: we take readings from individual and collective metering systems based on metering intervals determined by the customer, we agree on the heat consumption algorithm for the common parts of the premises, we bill actual heat consumption for the respective apartments and commercial premises.

Intended customers: heat users dividing consumption among premises: housing associations, real estate administrators and tenants’ associations.

Why us: professional readout that enables reliable heat billing, and thus effective cost control. Relying on experienced experts of KOGENERACJA is the best way to save time and money.

White certificates

Objective: to obtain white certificates and provide support in upgrade operations to improve energy efficiency and reduce energy consumption.

What we do: we review upgrade projects in terms of their potential for the granting of white certificates, we perform energy audits, prepare and submit documents to the Energy Regulatory Office for applications for issue of white certificates, we open accounts with brokers and sell white certificates at the Polish Power Exchange as well as performing verification audits where necessary.

Intended customers: end users of heat and electricity: housing associations, universities, schools, hospitals, public facilities, industrial sites.

Why us: Improved energy efficiency saves energy and reduces the energy bill. In addition, you can recover a portion of the money invested by acquiring and selling energy efficiency certificates – the so-called white certificates. KOGENERACJA’s specialists will make this convenient, quick and effective for you.

Maintenance of building systems

Objective: to keep building systems in working order and repair any failures.

What we do: we take care of the technical condition of building systems (central heating, cold/hot water and more) and provide a 24/7 emergency service.

Intended customers: all district heating users.

Why us: proper maintenance of building systems contributes to lower energy consumption and power bills, ensures user safety, comfort all year round and no failures. Using the comprehensive offer of KOGENERACJA means that heat and power plant experts will support you throughout the process.

Heat distribution unit maintenance

Objective: keep heat distribution units in working order and rectify failures , regardless of the unit size and number of functions.

What we do: we take care of the technical condition of heat distribution units, rectify failures providing a 24/7 emergency service, conduct seasonal inspections, activate heat distribution units before the heating season and shut them down after the season.

Intended customers: all district heating users.

Why us: ensuring the good condition of heat distribution units guarantees thermal comfort and user safety, contributes to smaller energy consumption and bills, as well as minimising the risk of interruptions in the supply of heat and hot water.

Chemical lab analysis

Objective: analysis of hard coal, slag (waste code 10 01 01) and coal fly ash (waste code 10 01 02) at the laboratory accredited by the Polish Accreditation Centre as No. AB 1551.

What we do: we determine the total moisture content of coal, its calorific value, coal content in ash and slag as per the applicable standards.

Intended customers: coal sellers and customers.

Why us: It is not yet possible to connect all multi-family houses to the heating grid at the same time. In the meantime, the accredited chemical lab of KOGENERACJA checks whether the coal you use for heating at home meets all quality standards, and is thus environmentally and health-friendly. KOGENERACJA’s chemical lab guarantees the accuracy and reliability of results.

Project management

Objective: technical, organisational and expert support for housing associations in the process of their connection to the municipal district heating network and construction of central heating and hot water building systems.

What we do: we design building systems and estimate the cost of district heating supply to multi-family buildings, we support administrators at tenants’ association meetings, we provide legal assistance in the drafting of resolutions, represent customers before administration authorities at the project preparation stage, we specify the scope of works and organise tender procedures for contractors, act as the owner’s inspectors, conduct acceptance procedures and financial settlements for projects.

Intended customers: tenants’ associations and other entities which do not have their own project management staff.

Why us: KOGENERACJA knows how to manage projects comprehensively so that you can reap the benefits of district heating. KOGENERACJA’s specialists will make this convenient, quick and effective for you.

Maintenance of power equipment

Objective: Support for electricity users in their operational, upgrade and maintenance activities to ensure a reliable and continuous supply of electricity.

What we do: we comprehensively operate MV and LV distribution grids, consumer systems and industrial systems for the collection of electricity in the Psie Pole industrial area. We carry out all operations involved in installation, operation, maintenance and repair, as well as review and measurement works. In addition, we audit power equipment in terms of potential improvement in their condition and reduction in energy consumption.

Intended customers: end users of electricity: industrial sites, housing associations, universities, schools, hospitals, public facilities.

Why us: Entrusting a specialised company with power infrastructure maintenance ensures working continuity of process lines and equipment, improves user and wider area safety, minimises the likelihood of failures, ensures energy savings and lower bills.

Sale of demineralised water

Production and sale of high-quality demineralised (distilled) water through our business partner.



Trigeneration with KOGENERACJA

Objective: ensure access to 3 utilities: electricity, heat and chill (chilled water for A/C) for customers outside the range of the district heating network

What we do: we design tri-generation sources generating electricity, heat and chilled water for air conditioning needs. The generation units include diesel (natural gas) powered generators with heat recovery and absorption chillers that convert heat into chilled water for A/C needs.

Intended customers: customers using electricity, heat and A/C located outside the range of the district heating grid

Why us: simultaneous generation of electricity and heat/chill is more economical and sustainable than separate generation of these utilities in separate systems. By selecting an innovative solution and cooperating with experienced experts from KOGENERACJA, you will reduce your operating expenses / cost of utility purchase and pollution emissions.