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New-generation network heat

New network heat quality

New-generation network heat is a modern network heat distribution system for buildings to cover their heating and hot utility water demands.

Instead of a double-function heat exchanger and 3 vertical water circulation systems in common areas of the building (heating, hot and cold water from the mains), a single function heat exchanger is used together with heating substations inside or directly next to apartments and 2 vertical water circulation systems in the common area of the building (heating + hot water and cold water from the mains).

Apartment heating or cold water heating for the apartment is launched in the heating substation, not in the heat exchanger. The substation is provided with a heat meter, which enables billing of network heat consumed by the apartment for heating and for hot water based on actual consumption (in GJ).



Thermal comfort throughout the year

  • option to switch the heating on/off in each apartment independently, at any time


Automatic temperature regulation

  • possibility to set the temperature in each apartment independently, from 19°C to 25°C, and to regulate it automatically


Energy savings

  • demand for heat and electricity is lower since vertical hot water circulation in the building has been eliminated


Heat meter next to the apartment

  • ability to control heat consumption; individual heat billing


System layout