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About the Company


Zespół Elektrociepłowni Wrocławskich KOGENERACJA S.A. comprises three production plants: EC Wrocław, EC Czechnica and EC Zawidawie of the total electric capacity of 365,7 MW and thermal capacity of 1080,4 MWt, and that, in the group of commercial heat and power plants, permits it to take the leading position. KOGENERACJA S.A. is the producer of heat and electric power mainly in the process of cogeneration.
 Thanks to this technological process, its production is less expensive or burdening for the environment. It has a huge meaning for large urban agglomerations where the plants like this are located in the very centre of the city (as is the case of Wrocław) or close to the water bearing lands (as is the case of EC Czechnica). EC Zawidawie is located in the eastern part of Wrocław.


In production used is the following equipment:
 at Elektrociepłownia Wrocław (263 MW of electric capacity + 812 MWt of thermal capacity):


  • thermal unit BC-50 (55 MW of electric capacity + 116 MWt of thermalcapacity),
  • 2 thermal units BC-100 (104 MW of electric capacity + 208 MWt of thermal capacity each),
  • 2 water boilers WP-120 (140 MWt of thermal capacity each),


at Elektrociepłownia Czechnica (100 MW of electric capacity + 247 MWt of thermal capacity):


  • 3 boilers OP-130 ( 98,5 MWt of thermal capacity each),
  • 1 BFB boiler - 100% biomass (76,5 MWt)
  • 2 turbine sets (50 MW of electric capacity + 123,5 MWt of thermal capacity each)


at EC Zawidawie (2,677 MW of electric capacity + 21,35 MWt of thermal capacity):


  • 2 gas boilers ( 9,3 MWt of thermal capacity each),
  • CHP unit (2,677 MW of electric capacity + 2,75 MWt of thermal capacity).